Working Partners

RockPoint Automation
Contact: Pernell Cassey
Telephone Contact: (780) 436-7079
Cellular (780) 717-8253
Address: #25 - 1237 Carter Crest Road
Edmonton Alberta Canada

LIPSA Industrial Engineering Services
Contact: Alvaro Soza y Ortiz
Telephone Contact: (52) 555-284-2950 ext 209
Cellular: (52) 555-414-8611

CEEMSA Cathodic Protection Systems
Design , Installation and Equipment Provider
Contact: Pedro Medez Rojas
Telephone Contact: (52) 555-519-4231
Cellular: (52) 555-403-0003
Address: DR. Andrade NO. 461 Col Salas Navarte
Del Benito Juarez
Mexico City D.F.
Mexico C.P. 03010

Telvent Automation (Metso)
SCADA System Solutions
Contact Phil Goulet
Email: phil.goulet@telvent.abengoa
Telephone Contact: (403) 253-8848
Cellular: (403) 615-3797
Address: 10333 Southport Road S.W
Calgary Alberta Canada
T2W 3X6

Who is Comgas

Comgas is a professional consulting company that is dedicated to providing strategic pipeline operations and technical services that offer value, insights and expertise to clients in the Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum energy marketplaces.
We are a knowledge-based service firm with a North American presence and a reputation for delivering superior Pipeline Construction, Start-up , legal and Operation solutions to our clients through a focused array of consulting services.

What does Comgas have to Offer
Comgas can assist in developing your next project from the start of construction to the finished product ready for operations. Comgas meets the needs of its clients both in the Public and Private sectors of the Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Energy Industry, in virtually all aspects of project activities. Today, Comgas is a full service consulting and Operations Company offering the managerial and technical resources that are vital to shaping a successful project from the drawing board stage through our project management and system design resources into safe, efficient, and reliable daily operations solving our clients energy, environmental, infrastructure and industrial challenges in today's ever changing energy marketplace.

Mission Statement
To offer both new and existing Clients a complete consulting or operation service based on excellence, honesty, confidentiality, and high ethic values focusing on the lowest cost and highest return for our client's investment in Comgas.

Company Objectives
To optimize the return on equity for our clients and continually search for new opportunities to add value in all facets of our clients business.

To Provide our Clients with Fast and Efficient Work Resulting in Meeting all Client Deliverables.

To provide our clients with the ability to move forward into the future by providing state of the art technological system design, preventive maintenance and operation planning by implementing and complying with respected industry practices, Governmental agency Norms and Regulations.

To be understanding and loyal in dealing with both new and existing Clients providing a competitive edge for our Clients in today's Energy marketplace.

To provide our clients with an atmosphere that encourages growth, team development and client satisfaction.

To provide our clients employees with a continual learning working environment, through our internal and external training programs. Giving our Client the benefits of a highly trained and responsible operational team.

Company Values
Honesty, Confidentiality, Providing Confidence for our Clients and work excellence.



  • System Design
  • Real Time Measurement System Design and Specification Requirements
  • SCADA and Communication Design and Specification Requirements
  • Material Management and Procurement
  • Electrical and Solar Power System Design and Procurement
Control Center Design and Planning
  • Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Preventive Maintenance Plans and Implementation
  • Personnel Operations Responsibilities and Training Plans
  • Gas Control Emergency Procedures
  • Gas Control and Technician Pipeline Operations Training
  • Total Pipeline and Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Operations Team Response Audit and Grade Scoring
  • Pipeline Operations Assessment
  • O&M Procedure Audits and Upgrades
  • Daily , Monthly and quarterly Operational Reports used for Client or Governmental
Authority Reporting
  • Operations Team Start-up and continuous Training Programs
  • Spare Parts Audit and Requirements

Health Safety and Environment
  • HS&E Employee Training
  • Emergency Response Planning and Training
  • Employee Performance Personnel Safety Training Plans and implementation
  • System Safety Studies
  • Employee Performance Management Studies and Planning
  • Operations Team Response Audit and Grade Scoring
  • HS&E Procedure Audits and Upgrades
  • Community Services Program
  • Accident Prevention Program

Legal Services
  • Right of Way Acquisition, related Permits, Contracts and Negotiations
  • Transportation Services Agreements
  • Interconnection Agreement
  • Measurement Agreements
  • Employee Contracts
  • Consulting Services for Construction or Operational Permit Requirements
  • Permit Acquisition Consulting and Negotiations